10.00 € per hour 

Turnaround time 1-3 days.


Basic retouch can include upon request:

  • Background: Clean-Up, Contrast, Lighting, Depth-of-Field
  • Universal Adjustments: Exposure, Contrast, Basic Colour Correction, Shaping, Sharpening
  • Skin Retouch: Non Destructive Basic Skin Retouching
  • Basic Hair Retouch: Filling-In, Shaping, Cleaning, Stray Hairs


What can be done in one hour?

Below are examples to represent the basic retouching capabilities.

NB! Please take into account we are talking about basic retouching!

In most cases it is appropriate for low resolution web-graphics or small size images. For high quality printing or high-resolution images you need an extensive (hi-end) retouching!

If you are interested in a higher and more detailed level of retouching, in that case editing of an image takes about eight working hours (more or less). Prices for retouching depend on your technical specifications and complexity of image.

Examples of hi-end retouching you can find in the main Portfolio



Please email your high-resolution image (RAW) and include any specific requirements or instructions.

You may prefer to give no instructions; if not applicable, retouch will be completed with personal judgement on requirements.